Factory Tour



We have a professional team equipped with high grade precision machinery such as digital boring mill, numerically controlled fraise machine, numerically controlled flat-stone mill as well as a processing center.


1. Quick and highly precise.

2. Digital machines with multi-function to enhance device availability.

3. Process at front platform while programming at back platform.

4. Securing higher work hardness and smaller surface roughness by introducing technology of self-adapted control; Meanwhile, the life of      cutters and producing efficiency are highly improved.

5. Breakdown self-testing and self-repairing function is used.

6. Modularization, standardization and uniform for hardware structure are adapted.


We have perfect testing system with full precision testing equipments,and a professional team of quality engineering with sole-duty persons well trained inspection.

1.Precision Test

Marl height indicator,the precision can be up to 0.1μm,which is 200 times of precision by usual manual test.

2.Hardness Test

Testing system is applicable for hardness test of products manufactured from various materials,which the error of indication is less than positive and negative 6HLD,which repeatability error is less than 6HLD.

3.Pressure Resistance Test

Guarantee tightness of barrel’s water cycle system.

4.Flaw Detection

Comprehensive product testing,ensure products zero defect,zero damage.

5.Gearbox Debug Platform

Test products run under simulated case.